Shimon Sheves

Shimon Sheves

Co-Founder and Chairman

RSLB Partners

Shimon Sheves is an international businessman and seasoned politician who served as the director general and chief of staff to Yitzhak Rabin when Rabin was prime minister of Israel. He is a business owner and current chairman of RSLB Partners. Shimon Sheves graduated from the University of New Haven in the US with degrees in both business and public administration and subsequently completed multiple courses given by the United States Department of Defense on the subjects of international and national defense.

Governmental Positions in Israel

Shimon Sheves became politically involved in Israel's government when he served as chairman of the Golan Economic Development Company, where his projects proved to have played a significant role in contributing to the economic development of northern Israel He later served in the Ministry of Defense for six years as a personal aide to Yitzhak Rabin, who was the Minister of Defense at that time. Shimon Sheves’s work in the ministry involved taking responsibility for the national infrastructure, special areas of national priority and the settlements. He is credited with creating the political strategy that was adopted by the Labor Party, which resulted in its first victory at the polls in some 25 years. When Yitzhak Rabin entered the race to become prime minister of Israel, Shimon Sheves became his campaign manager and when Rabin became the prime minister of Israel, Shimon Sheves became his Chief of staff. During that period of time, Sheves successfully directed multiple infrastructure projects that were on a large national scale.
Putting to use his management and strategy skills (developed while serving in the public sector), Sheves switched his career path in 1995 to work in the private sector. Through the creation, management and day to day operations of large infrastructure projects, Sheves established for himself a well-respected reputation. Beyond that, he delved into the international financial industry, joining many prestigious investment boards.

Current Business Positions

Shimon Sheves is currently the chairman at RSLB Partners, a company that he co-founded with the purpose of presenting Israeli businesses to markets in the United States. RSLB provides a wide range of services on behalf of its companies, including helping with defining their market, positioning within the market, managing the companies’ products and complete accounting oversight. RSLB’s headquarters are located in Washington D.C. and the company offers its services to a wide variety of clientele such as high-tech, biotech and governmental agencies. RSLB has gained valuable experience working intimately with a variety of international and multinational financial institutions such as the World Bank, OPIC, IADB, IDB, IFC and EXIM Bank. The company also maintains established working relationships with executive heads, state officials, the local business community and the press. Shimon Sheves held positions on the boards of directors at: the Trade Bank, the Israel Military Industry; the Israel Aircraft Industry; the Inter-ministry Committee for Development of Construction; the Land Administration Authority; the Inter-ministry Committee for Industry and Trade; and the Inter-ministry Committee for the development of the Druze, Bedouin and Arab communities.

Since 2006, Shimon is busy consulting businesses in the Cyber security field and is the founder and chairman of HolistiCyber that provides nation-state level cyber defense

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